Help Your Sister To Launch Her Dream Startup This Raksha Bandhan

Every one want to be an entrepreneur in some instance of life but it is very challenging in country like India specially for Females to start their own startup.

When a female want to start their entrepreneurial journey, rarely people take them seriously even most of the female fail to gain trust of family to start their own startup.

I am taking a step this Raksha Bandhan to empower female entrepreneurship.

To encourage female entrepreneurship i am providing FREE consultancy for female entrepreneurs  which will help them to Plan Launch and scale their startup.

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I need your help to reach to such female entrepreneurs.

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How to create awesome landing pages ?

I created my first website when i was in 9th grade i was thinking i will be very rich now as i have a website.

But it doesn’t happen because Landing pages don’t work that way.

Most of the entrepreneur and startup struggle with their website and landing pages.

Instead website or landing page bring you conversion we send your leads to the website & than your visitor lost some where in your landing page.

You spend a lot of time money and resources in bringing user to your website.

You spend money on social media SEO paid ads still if you will not receive conversion with your

It feel very bad.

I created a video in which i have explained elements of a awesome landing page.

Elements of a Good Landing Page

Clear and bold statement of what you do
Include things to increase trust

Your landing page must answer 2 questions

1. What user need ?

2. User can trust you ?

Keep In mind While Designing Your Landing Page

– You have 3 sec to impress your website visitor

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Why Most Of The Tech Based Small Internet Business Fails ?

I created my first website on 9th grade and i used to think i will be very rich now because i have a website. But it does not happen because internet based business does not work like that.

I am sharing you what i learned.

Small scale business and startups always has to face lot of competition to survive them self.
All most 90% of startups fails in first year of their operation.
Those who manage to survive 99% of them fails within 5 Yr of operations.

Technology has made starting and scaling business very easy but only if you know how to leverage technology for growth of your business.

Most of the struggling business owners thinks using technology means getting a website for their business.

But only website is like having a shop where no one comes in

Traffic or visitors is the oxygen behind success of any tech based business.

Your website is just like your office or shop more people will come to it more business you will get.

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Bill Gates Once Said
If your business is not on internet you will be out of business.

Why Most Of The Tech Based Small Internet Business Fails ?If you are not able to accelerate growth of your business your business you are missing some thing that need to be fixed.

I will be more than happy to look into it to figure it out. Use link below to book a free consultancy call in your convent time.

Feel Free to ping me for any clarification.

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Why College Is Best Place To Start

Most of the students including my self hate college lectures. No one want to attend boring lectures.

When i was in college my attendance was some time less than 30%  in some semesters.

I joined engineering because i thought i will get exposure to technology tools and machines.

But it was like in black board you can build satellites.

So i think of  starting something when i was in college and today i am sharing you why college is best place to start.

If you will start something from your college you will have huge access to so many things for free.
You will have friends who will support you and work for you for free.

You will have large number of people whom you can ask for support.

Hiring such number of people is very much difficult.

You will have access to FREE internet. You will have lot of place in your college where you can peacefully work.

It may be difficult for you to choose what you will start with.

You can start with any thing.

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You can start with an idea or product or you just can learn something and after that you can help other with your skill and can charge for that.

I have created a course Learn Programming Via Hybrid Mobile Application Development You can join this course too.

If you are able to do it that good even if you fail what you will loose ?


No matter if your startup will run or fail you will learn how business works.

Even it will make you much better employee and can help you in getting good job.

If cannot think of something you can join my course  Learn Programming Via Hybrid Mobile Application Development and you can start you own agency.

or just comment below what is in your mind i will help you to choose.

If Startup is Your Baby We are Uncle!!!

Running a startup is very challenging entrepreneur face challenges at every phase whether it is team building, client acquisition, product development or any other thing.

Many of the entrepreneur thinks funding solves challenges but funding comes with another set of challenges.

You need take care of your startup like your baby and if baby got the uncle growth will be amazing.

When you plan a startup set long term and short term goals before starting things seems very smooth.

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You started imagine in n days you will acquire x customers and will clock revenue. Process appears very easy and smooth when you are planning.

But when it comes to execution every thing in the process appears out of your hand. Getting good people on board for team building is very challenging.

Even when you have a good set of people in your team you need to ensure vision of every one should match to yours.

No matters you are having a product or services when it comes to selling your services things are hard.

When end user started using your products you may get n number of complaints or request to add new feature.

If you are in service explaining to clients how your service can be beneficial for them is challenging.

Many entrepreneurs think funding solves every problem. After you got funding you need to sit relax in your cabin and things will be done automatically.

Entrepreneur Life

Funding comes with another set of challenges. With funding you are having a person whom you have to report show your growth metrics and have to ensure his money is spending in right things.

For any entrepreneur coming out from this problem is very difficult. Many of  entrepreneurs loose their confidence in between the process and that becomes the breaking point.

To help entrepreneur to make their journey very smooth i with my team at Softwarez Solution provider affordable tech solutions to startups which Includes Web And Mobile Application Development  Digital Marketing and many more cool things.

If startup is your baby we are your uncle and want to make baby strong we know what and how to feed the baby.

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I also provide consultancy services so that you can talk to us when ever you are in confusion or having any difficulty. I will help you to come out from the situation.

Feel Free to Write me on or ping me via whatsapp Click Here or Join  Digital Entrepreneurs Facebook group.

LuvStay A journey through love

Luvstay is a brand name not unknown to people who want to make love but the society asks for a certificate. With the society going aggressively against providing safety to new couples (unmarried), and people consider it a taboo, two lovers can’t wait for the society to change. Also meeting in open is not safe today as so many the kedars of society will try to teach you Indian culture.

So many youths in India today have faced same kind of problems, but only an Entrepreneur sees an opportunity where everybody else sees a problem.


A young boy, who was fluttering his wings to become an entrepreneur, as soon as he faced this problem he was damn sure to dedicate his life towards this mission. The boy on a mission to make love safe and provide an elegant experience to lovers is non other than Sumit, the co founder of LuvStay.

Having a raw idea is exciting but creating a product around it is a real dirty job.

Soon he would find Vikash who became ready to do the dirty task. It was a challenging task but Vikash says if it is not challenging he wouldn’t do it. Soon Sumit and Vikash started developing the product of the next buzzy technology, what would later gain attention of the entire tech world.

Today Luvstay provides Hotel, coffee tables, gifts and many more things for the couples. They are constantly working on to add products and services to their app portfolio.
So you don’t need to be afraid next time when your girl wants to go out with you, just download this most beautiful app.

To Download LuvStay App Click on Link

If you have a idea and want to build a tech platform around it feel free to contact

Vikash Mishra


I Shall Fly on my Foot: Story Of Hayst India

Childhood are days when people consider himself as the warriors, big dudes, astronaut, change makers and influence’s. With time the thoughts get more and more compressed, people are institutionalised and their aim to fly high gets reduced to crawling on someone else’s path. That’s how you fit into the society.

But not everyone wants to fit into the society, there are people who want to make a dent, who want to challenge the rules, who want to explore and finally feel good for their discovery. Today We are talking about one of the Software Solution customer Haroon, who decided to become an entrepreneur when he was still in school. He learnt the basics of the leather industry from his family in Kanpur. He also learnt that Agra is a hub for leather products and decided to shift in Agra.

Unlike traditional leather manufacturers he decided to create a brand of one of the best leather products in India. Today it is known as Hayst in more than 10 countries all over world including India. We still remember the discussion we used to have with Haroon when he tried to understand the benefits of digital marketing and social media promotion from us. A very motivated, calm, and cool person who is ready to everything needed for his company to excel, such a man he is.

As a startup ourself it is good to work with people who are doing something new in their respective field. Now Vikash Mishra, founder Softwarez Solution and Haroon share a very good bond of friendship and Softwarez Solution is proud to be the technology partner of an emerging shoe startup. We wish good luck to Haroon and his team and assure our consistent support for his venture.

If you are still thinking about starting up, Schedule a call. You can be the next success story.

Our Story

Softwarez Solution started by Vikash Mishra a college student, studying in city of love, Agra. Our company philosophy is to help our client with all the technical helps whether it is related to personalized software development, website making , app development or search engine optimization. We understand that every startup needs tech support, but it is very difficult for every startup company to afford one’s own tech team. We at softwarez solution comes into picture exactly at that situation and compliment your product or services with our tech support.

In short we are your tech team.

We will help you out with all short of issues related to Android App, Facebook App, Digital Promotion, Web Development, Web Designing, Graphic Designing.

In short if you are a startup then we are answer to all your prayers. We do associate with good business models at very early stage and help them out build a kick ass website, a wonderful facebook and android app. If you are searching for a technical co-founder, your search is over.

We see our collaboration with teach company as an opportunity of learning and we do our job in a best possible manner, at a very affordable price and some stake in the company.


Our Business Model

We charge very nominal fee for all the tech support work that we do for our client.

If there is a company or startup idea which needs constant tech support and can not afford a separate tech team we help out the startup by being their partners, thus we are your your tech partners. We are already in this field for some time and we are working with so many companies, we have experience of working with some successful companies as well so we can guide you to navigate in right direction as well.

Our technical expertise and experience is all yours once you associate with us.

Our association with you has only one aim and only motive: To make the idea of an entrepreneur successful, whatever it takes to reach there.

Our ultimate aim is to make you successful, and we are happy to spend sleepless night to make it happen.

Advertisement through us:

We have worked with many business ideas, and we can help you get your first few clients in very less advertising cost. Our mechanism of narrowing down the prospects from web based database is highly proven. Don’t worry too much about advertisement cost.

Our email marketing and digital campaigning will help you get initial boost for greater good.

Search Engine Optimization, Landing Engine Optimization are some tools if applied properly can give you initial traction, and momentum to start like a king of the jungle.

You should be tough enough to proclaim yourself as a king and maintain the kingly attitude, rest assured we will make you feel your launch is nothing less than a crown ceremony.

Our tutorials can help you write good blogs, based on keywords for which people are already searching and get a lot of traffic on your website. You don’t want to write blogs, it’s ok, we have professionals who will be very happy to write blogs for your business.


You want to sale something online, but don’t even know how to use a payment gateway. Don’t worry. We are there to help. Don’t stop dreaming just ecause you don’t have technical expertise. We will install and manage payment gateway, and in the process we will also help you learn different aspects of an online and eCommerce businesses.

Our Experience:

We have helped more than 20 business ideas to take its initial shape, some of them are doing successful business today and are in constant touch with us. Kalam Acaademy,  LuvStay, JodiStory, Hayst India and PISO are some of our satisfied customers.

We feel very happy to help make an idea into a reality.

So stop worrying about tech difficulties, if you have an idea, let us work together to make that idea into an empire, a conglomerate, a business, Happiness.


Our Criteria of picking a startup:

Basically we work with all short of startup ideas, provided it is challenging enough to give us many sleepless nights. If it is not challenging enough we may not be willing to work with you.

Your startup idea should not be very similar to any of our existing client’s business ideas, in that case to protect the rights and trust of our client we may refuse to work with you.

The existing startup team should be ready to give whatever he has to the idea. Your 100% committment to your own idea is what we want from you.

Still hesitant ?

Just give us a call and clear all your doubts related to launching and running a successful business., you have an idea, get some courage and talk to us and let us make it happen. Forget about difficulties, just have some faith in yourself. If you can not do, no one else can.