Why Most Of The Tech Based Small Internet Business Fails ?

Why Most Of The Tech Based Small Internet Business Fails ?

I created my first website on 9th grade and i used to think i will be very rich now because i have a website. But it does not happen because internet based business does not work like that.

I am sharing you what i learned.

Small scale business and startups always has to face lot of competition to survive them self.
All most 90% of startups fails in first year of their operation.
Those who manage to survive 99% of them fails within 5 Yr of operations.

Technology has made starting and scaling business very easy but only if you know how to leverage technology for growth of your business.

Most of the struggling business owners thinks using technology means getting a website for their business.

But only website is like having a shop where no one comes in

Traffic or visitors is the oxygen behind success of any tech based business.

Your website is just like your office or shop more people will come to it more business you will get.

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Bill Gates Once Said
If your business is not on internet you will be out of business.

Why Most Of The Tech Based Small Internet Business Fails ?If you are not able to accelerate growth of your business your business you are missing some thing that need to be fixed.

I will be more than happy to look into it to figure it out. Use link below to book a free consultancy call in your convent time.


Feel Free to ping me for any clarification.

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