Why College Is Best Place To Start

Most of the students including my self hate college lectures. No one want to attend boring lectures.

When i was in college my attendance was some time less than 30%  in some semesters.

I joined engineering because i thought i will get exposure to technology tools and machines.

But it was like in black board you can build satellites.

So i think of  starting something when i was in college and today i am sharing you why college is best place to start.

If you will start something from your college you will have huge access to so many things for free.
You will have friends who will support you and work for you for free.

You will have large number of people whom you can ask for support.

Hiring such number of people is very much difficult.

You will have access to FREE internet. You will have lot of place in your college where you can peacefully work.

It may be difficult for you to choose what you will start with.

You can start with any thing.

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You can start with an idea or product or you just can learn something and after that you can help other with your skill and can charge for that.

I have created a course Learn Programming Via Hybrid Mobile Application Development You can join this course too.

If you are able to do it that good even if you fail what you will loose ?


No matter if your startup will run or fail you will learn how business works.

Even it will make you much better employee and can help you in getting good job.

If cannot think of something you can join my course  Learn Programming Via Hybrid Mobile Application Development and you can start you own agency.

or just comment below what is in your mind i will help you to choose.

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