LuvStay A journey through love

Luvstay is a brand name not unknown to people who want to make love but the society asks for a certificate. With the society going aggressively against providing safety to new couples (unmarried), and people consider it a taboo, two lovers can’t wait for the society to change. Also meeting in open is not safe today as so many the kedars of society will try to teach you Indian culture.

So many youths in India today have faced same kind of problems, but only an Entrepreneur sees an opportunity where everybody else sees a problem.


A young boy, who was fluttering his wings to become an entrepreneur, as soon as he faced this problem he was damn sure to dedicate his life towards this mission. The boy on a mission to make love safe and provide an elegant experience to lovers is non other than Sumit, the co founder of LuvStay.

Having a raw idea is exciting but creating a product around it is a real dirty job.

Soon he would find Vikash who became ready to do the dirty task. It was a challenging task but Vikash says if it is not challenging he wouldn’t do it. Soon Sumit and Vikash started developing the product of the next buzzy technology, what would later gain attention of the entire tech world.

Today Luvstay provides Hotel, coffee tables, gifts and many more things for the couples. They are constantly working on to add products and services to their app portfolio.
So you don’t need to be afraid next time when your girl wants to go out with you, just download this most beautiful app.

To Download LuvStay App Click on Link

If you have a idea and want to build a tech platform around it feel free to contact

Vikash Mishra


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