How to create awesome landing pages ?

I created my first website when i was in 9th grade i was thinking i will be very rich now as i have a website.

But it doesn’t happen because Landing pages don’t work that way.

Most of the entrepreneur and startup struggle with their website and landing pages.

Instead website or landing page bring you conversion we send your leads to the website & than your visitor lost some where in your landing page.

You spend a lot of time money and resources in bringing user to your website.

You spend money on social media SEO paid ads still if you will not receive conversion with your

It feel very bad.

I created a video in which i have explained elements of a awesome landing page.

Elements of a Good Landing Page

Clear and bold statement of what you do
Include things to increase trust

Your landing page must answer 2 questions

1. What user need ?

2. User can trust you ?

Keep In mind While Designing Your Landing Page

– You have 3 sec to impress your website visitor

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