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We all have some or the dreams that we want to come true one day. Few have the potential to work hard to conquer their dreams. There are many stories of success that we have heard. JuxPux is a food and beverage company which was established only because of hard work and determination.
The company was started in March 2015 in Connaught Place in New Delhi which is the sixth most expensive business state in the world.The beverage industry has unleashed one of its futuristic startup talents by the name JUX PUX. The founding stone of the company was laid by a dynamic entrepreneur named Pulkit Arora, who with his unconventional ideas and divergent thinking has built a venture which has outcasted all.The company is backed by strong-minded Co-Founders of the company SimranJeet Singh and Nipun Bharadwaj who are the rocks supporting the foundation. They all originally belong to Agra.

JuxPux has revolutionized the beverage industry. In just a year of stepping in, the company is operational in café parlor, take away outlet, café lounge model in Agra, Delhi and Hyderabad. In the least time possible it has switched to franchise model of operation and that is only possible when you are making profit in your existing outlets and you have built a brand name which can be trusted upon. JuxPux is not only a profit making company but it is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to beverage industry.

JuxPux Team
JuxPux Team

To make people believe in your ideas is not a one day task. It involves dedication, motivation and power to make your dreams come true. JuxPux has gone through all, the team strongly believes in its roots and thus never hesitates in giving support to startup projects through Co-working spaces, events and various tie-up projects. JuxPux has a tie-up with Infosys Company. There was a launch of JuxPux in InfosysHyderabad campus.SimranJeet Singh says that he comes from a startup background so he knows that what kind of problems is faced by any startup in their initial phases. To recover them from these problems, JuxPux also provide help to the startups.

The richness of fruits is preserved when they are freshly served and smartly customized. JuxPux has it all, starting from shakes and lemonades to snacks and ice-creams. JuxPux is a complete package when it comes to serving standards and quality assurance. It is very easy to serve a bite; the thing which is difficult is to make that bite a healthy one. JuxPux believes that sanitization is not a thing to be compromised upon, it is certainly a top most priority .Team believes in the idea to make every customer’s visit a healthy one, a memorable one so as to justify their motto ‘’the taste that keeps you coming back”.

In its massive success involves the trust that India’s top most IT company has shown in JuxPux. The renowned organization has recognized and given unprecedented support to the team JuxPux by offering a space for a café lounge inside their biggest and the most beautiful campus. When a company of such an esteemed presence believes in your brand, you feel motivated and hence confident that the journey has just begin and milestones are yet to be achieved.

Belonging to a country of world’s largest youth population, JuxPux understands how vital it is to be easily accessible for the youth, JuxPux is upgrading their technology base for the youngsters by introducing mobile app and web app for online food ordering Soon customers would be able to order and track their food from a user friendly mobile app and with some additional features. Team JuxPux is leaving no stone unturned to make it a huge success.
“Always dream with open eyes..
So that you visualize how it feels to accomplish one”

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