I Shall Fly on my Foot

Childhood are days when people consider himself as the warriors, big dudes, astronaut, change makers and influencers. With time the thoughts get more and more compressed, people are institutionalised and their aim to fly high gets reduced to crawling on someone else’s path. That’s how you fit into the society.

Haron Arsad

But not everyone wants to fit into the society, there are people who want to make a dent, who want to challenge the rules, who want to explore and finally feel good for their discovery. Today We are talking about one of the Software Solution customer Haroon, who decided to become an entrepreneur when he was still in school. He learnt the basics of the leather industry from his family in Kanpur. He also learnt that Agra is a hub for leather products and decided to shift in Agra.

Hayst India
Unlike traditional leather manufacturers he decided to create a brand of one of the best leather products in India. Today it is known as Hayst in more than 10 countries all over world including India. We still remember the discussion we used to have with Haroon when he tried to understand the benefits of digital marketing and social media promotion from us. A very motivated, calm, and cool person who is ready to everything needed for his company to excel, such a man he is.

Haroon Team
Haroon Team

As a startup ourself it is good to work with people who are doing something new in their respective field. Now Vikash Mishra, founder Softwarez Solution and Haroon share a very good bond of friendship and Softwarez Solution is proud to be the technology partner of an emerging shoe startup. We wish good luck to Haroon and his team and assure our consistent support for his venture.

If you are still thinking about starting up, Give us a call. You can be the next success story.




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  1. I likes Softwarez Solutions approach and presentation. We feel proud that youngsters of India are having this kind of positive mindset. Your teamwork seems good. Keep it up. The story above is remarkable.

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