Summer Training in Agra

Summer Training in Agra

summer training in agra
summer training in Agra

Do Summer Training /Industrial Training in Agra with Softwarez Solution and get a good job. A good job where he can make use of the expertise learnt by him in the 4 years of engineering. Most of the course material taught to him has no significance in real companies. With the trend of startups coming up and being the highest job creators and also among the highest paying companies summer training in Agra is most important to know what are some of the most important criterions to be hired in a startup.  Most of the companies look for talent in cities like Bangalore, Gurgaon and Noida. There is a huge human resource getting trained in engineering in tier-2  cities like Agra, but the city Agra in itself is unfamiliar with the startup culture. If the situation persist and hiring agencies don’t change direction, an entire generation of students getting trained in Agra like cities are going to remain disconnected from the mainstream, and that in turn will be frustrating.

Summer and Industrial training in Agra will bridge the huge gap between the students with an exposure of cities like Gurgaon and cities like Agra. Summer training in Agra will also create a gap in the speed of development of cities, and that is gonna result in a large population burden in Gurgaon and Bangalore, that being a result of migration. We can not promote or even afford to have a centralised IT hub being away from tier-2 cities.

Summer training or Industrial training is must because IT companies can not help this situation, they need people who can code an app, who can create and handle ecommerce platform, as a new trend they also need people who can create and handle mcommerce platforms and big data operations. These skills are not a part of any engineering course today. All you can do is to rely on a good summer training course, that is an indespensable part of any engineering curriculum. Expectations from summer training are very high but the output is very low. In Agra there are two famous classes who offer summer training in C, C++, JAVA and Dotnet and a student’s final deal is to code for a calculator in all the different languages. Even after learning all these languages a student can not code his website or app. That is rubbish, If a computer science graduate is not able to code his own website or own app, he is basically unemployable.

For summer training/Industrial training in Agra what is the Solution?: We can not at once change the curriculum of engineering courses but what we can do is to bring innovative and useful courses as a summer training programmes. If a student after a short term course is able to code his own website and an app he is basically eligible to get a paid internship from many companies. If he does internship in any company for lets say one year he will have enough coding skill to meet the job criterion of any tech company, apart from that his life at college will be full of opportunities to make an extra income in something  he likes and has opted to do professionally.
For summer training in Agra is there a platform? Are the students willing to do Industrial training in Agra going to get a nice platform: Our company, Softwarez Solution is providing summer skill development programme for the students of CS, IT, EC and BCA. In this programme we aim to teach them about Phonegap, Javascript,  Ajax, Jquery & Jquery Mobile. All these skills together will be helpful in coding a hybrid mobile app and yes you are ready to get an internship. After the programme we will also provide you internship opportunities in one and having a herd of engineering students for summer training with a better place.

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