industrial training in agra

An engineering student! What you should know about Industrial training

The dream of every engineering is to land a high paying job where he can utilize all his skills. But a bitter truth in this respect is that more than 60% of the engineering graduates in India are not at all employable, why is that? What is the problem and what can be done to make these students land their dream job after paying a huge tuition fee for their college degree.

industrial training in agra
industrial training in Agra

Industries say they don’t hire many students because they lack skills which can be used by the companies for their operations. If it is so, then we must ask few questions

what are those skills required to land a good job.
What does the college do that they are not able to equip the students with required expertise
What should a student do to avoid a situation like non-employability.
At the peak of jobless engineering grads in India a new trend has started, it is called Industrial training. IT aims to equip the students with industrial expertise and experience helpful for his career. Also not to mention, there are many companies which aims to earn a lot of money by exploiting the fear of not getting a job. This is becoming a trend now a days, so a student must know a few facts :

None of the certificates can get you the job, it is the skill that you learn actually matters.
Coding proficiency in languages like PHP, Jquerry, Ajax, Javascript, HTML, CSS & Jquerry for mobile is a must for you.
Marketing and negotiation skills. Basic language skills, you should be able to write a decent email, your communication should be fluent and error free.
That’s all.
All these skills combined with an open mind is enough for you to be placed at your dream company. You should beware of those companies which charges a lot of money to provide you a certificates of big universities/industries, remember the certificates won’t be useful.

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